What are Marking Systems?

Marking systems are …

… devices that make it possible to apply a reproduction of any conceivable design to your products, components, product packaging, etc. These marks (also known as etches) can have various functions, e.g. market recognition of your products, enabling traceability and increasing the transparency of the production process.

Market recognition can, for example, mean that you apply your company logo, design and decorations to your items in the highest quality with extremely high durability.

Direct part marking systems can stand up to even the toughest stresses – as opposed to simple imprinting or stickers – for the entire service life of a machine.


Increasingly stricter laws in the field of product liability have resulted in a growing number of recall campaigns. This has affected the automotive, aviation, electronics and many other industries.

By simple marking with a small 2D code (Data Matrix™), your product components receive a clear identity, enabling a considerable increase in the transparency of the production process. This makes it possible, for example, to recognise and sort out rejected parts more effectively, or to clearly classify them in the event of recall campaigns. A large quantity of data, such as serial numbers, composition, supplier, etc. can be included in such a 2D code, which is applied with lasers, needle embossers and electrolytic marking systems made by OSTLING.

Internal theft can also be reduced with clearly labelled tools.

OSTLING offers the following marking technologies:

  • Laser marking (Laser engraving)
  • Dot Peening (Needle embossing, Pin marking, Point of percussion procedure)
  • Scribing
  • Electrolytic marking (Etch marking, Chem etch marking)
  • Accessory: 2D code (Data Matrix™) readers

Special machines for special marking environments and purposes

We develop sophisticated marking solutions for different industries from planning and design through to construction and commissioning together with our partners.

We automate your processes for greater efficiency by increasing machine uptime and improving processes with our special purpose machines.

Everything is possible from complete redevelopment to extensive customer-specific adaptations of a machine. You can plan your project with us from scratch to achieve your ideal solution.

We are able to implement your requirements by using our extensive knowledge which has been gained over decades.

Please contact us for your special purpose machine needs.

Excellence from a single source with OSTLING MARKING SYSTEMS.


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