Automotive Sector

We are well established suppliers of direct part marking equipment for everything from Formula 1 to high volume car components and have a many years of experience within the automotive sector. Therefore we are extremely confident we can supply marking solutions for any area of the automotive sector.

Tamper-proof traceability & identification is an integral field within the automotive manufacturing sector and every vehicle will contain hundreds, even thousands of marked components. Our equipment is suited to almost every component within this industry and if you cannot see a suitable system from our off the shelf ranges, we can tailor special purpose solutions to your exact requirements.

Whether it be engine or exhaust components, safety systems, electronic systems, structural metal, PCB’s or plastic mouldings our DPM systems can offer significant gains over competitors’ systems. Our laser markers are all DPSS laser source, which therefore have a lower overall cost of ownership, are more environmentally friendly, require hardly any maintenance and can be extremely easily automated.

We offer best-in-class automotive laser etching machines, designed for the most demanding environments:

All of our laser systems have high quality DPSS Laser Sources. Not only does this mean their lifespan is far greater than many other lasers on the market but it also provides you with high peak power, extremely quick processing times and maximum application flexibility.

Text, Graphics, Data Matrix, QR codes and more can be marked onto automotive parts with industry leading accuracy.

Incredibly simple to setup and operate, programming and marking is easy with the included powerful XS Designer software. The laser system has a very small ergonomic footprint and low power consumption.

Choose from OEM, desktop, or integrated lasers systems. We can even create custom solutions and help you implement them into your existing automated production line if required.

Loaded with cutting-edge features for the best customer experience and highest level of quality whilst marking onto your parts.

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