DeepScribe™: VERY deep and long lasting …

DeepScribe was developed due to market demand for a marking tool that can deliver very deep and long lasting markings directly onto the work piece.

Designed for the application of VIN markings on cast iron and aluminium, such as engine blocks in the automotive industry, the marking itself is deep enough to be removed only with brute force.

The system consists of a re-developed and reinforced marking head with a new needle guide. Robust linear guides and spindle driven accentuators ensure a smooth and powerful operation. The system is low maintenance with access panels for service purposes.

Due to the heavier, more robust design of the scribe tool (needle) the rebound of the needle is now handled by a second compressed air connection. This also ensures a very accurate depth adjustment up to a depth of 8 mm.

This more powerful marking head is controlled by a modified UMC 112 controller.

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As with the needle embossers, the OSTLING scribers are always used when the markings must be extremely long lasting.

All OSTLING scribers can also be used as particularly high-quality needle embossers if required by simply replacing the needle system (accessory).
Our own scriber brand, PinMark™, has represented reliability and highest precision for many years. Scribers are often used in rough industrial environments in the automotive and steel industry, by tool manufacturers and in mechanical engineering. This is why the robust construction and the innovative detail solutions prevailed in the development of the PinMark™ series.

What materials are marked with scribers?
Solid materials such as:

  • Metal (aluminium, stainless steel)
  • Cast iron
  • Graphite
  • PVC etc.

Whether as an installation device that can be integrated into your production line, as a benchtop device or as a flexible benchtop device on a trolley, we offer the ideal solution for your applications.