LasOnAll XS Series

The new XS-series: Smaller, lighter weight, more economical but with an enormous gain of performance. The new diode pumped solid state laser is in a class of its own.

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Its compact and cubic construction is perfect for easy and space-saving integration into all kinds of industrial environments. The resonator and laser head of the LasOnAll XS have been completely revised. With its improved technical configuration the CW performance is up to 40 watts, all contained within the XS´s compact dimensions. This allows for the machines to be used in a huge range of applications.

Compared to fibre based laser systems the diode pumped XS has no problems with optical back reflections as a result of marking, for example copper, brass and other highly reflecting materials. In addition to the laser unit the lightweight 19” rack is equipped with all required power and control components. For system implementation only a standard power supply and a USB-connection to a PC or notebook is required.

XS Laser Dimensions
XS Laser Dimensions


The diode durability of the XS-series can be favourably compared to fibre laser systems. During maintenance it is only necessary to change the diode packs instead of replacing the whole laser unit. The XS power consumption is highly efficient, with the 20 watt version only using 600W.


Advantages of the LasOnAll XS

Flexibility and easy system integration

  • Plug & Play (USB connection)
  • Compact and cubic design
  • Rugged aluminium chassis
  • Lightweight 19 inch-laser-rack


  • Highest performance and best marking results
  • Easy and intuitive software (Windows)
  • No problems with optical back reflections


  • No consumables
  • Improved diode durability
  • Highly efficient energy balance
  • Low maintenance
  • Active air-cooling

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