Stencils for electrolytic marking from Ostling Etchmark……..

Long-life etching stencils


For long life labels such as logos, product and type designation, batch numbers or decorative markings, we recommend our XL type stencils.

These stencils have an average lifetime of 4,000+ marks when used on semi automatic equipment.

We can manufacture these in a wide range of sizes and formats, including mounted in a plastic frame or formed into a marking cap if required.

Your templates or ideas are implemented as required by our graphic designers in our DTP department. We will always send you a proof including cost breakdown (if requested) prior to manufacture.

We are able to fulfil your stencil order within one business day due to our highly skilled employees who have many years of experience.

Please contact our technical department if you are interested or have any questions:

Short-term etching stencil

We recommend short-term marking stencils for flexible, frequently changing marks such as  serial numbers, date codes, nameplates and individual DataMatrix Codes. We supply two types of short run stencil paper:

Stencil paper with a wax coating
(available in rolls and sheets of different colors and sizes).stencils

This type of short-term etching template can be personalised with a dot matrix printer or a typewriter (electrical or mechanical).






Direct thermal stencil with a thermosensitive coating
(available in white, in different sizes and designs).
This type of short-term stencil can be edited with a variety of direct thermal printers. We can offer a variety of widths upto 300mm with a fixed length of 100m.

Also available are  thermal paper cassettes suitable for stand-alone P-touch devices, these are available as 18,24 or 36mm width.