Stencil Printers

Stencil printers from Ostling Etchmark

You can quickly and easily create your own stencils for electrolytic marking using the BRT-4 Thermal Stencil Printer along with our thermal stencil paper rolls, or the PT-D800W Stencil Printer with 18mm, 24mm or 36mm stencil tapes.

This is ideal if you want to mark frequently changing texts, or to mark only a few parts.

Thermal Stencil Printer

The BRT-4 thermal stencil printer is connected to a PC via a USB interface, allowing you to print graphics (logos), symbols, barcodes and DataMatrix codes. It can be driven from any program as a printer, but also comes with its own convenient, intuitive software.

The thermal stencil printer cuts the finished template automatically to the size you set, then simply take this stencil to your marking station.

The Ostling thermal stencil roll size suitable for this machine is 100 mm x 100 m, although we can manufacture this material in many different widths.

Thermal printer









Thermal stencil printer

Technical data: Thermal Stencil Printer
Connection USB
Dimensions (BxTxD) 170 x 215 x 155 mm
Print resolution 360 dpi
Stencil tape 100mm x 100m
Power supply integrated power connection

PT-D800W stencil printer

Design and print durable labels using the graphic display and professional keyboard, or from your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. This feature packed labelling machine with integrated Wi-Fi prints durable labels up to 36mm in width.

PT-D800W stencil printer

Technical Data: PT-D800W
Machine Type Desktop, PC connectable
Display Backlit LCD
Connection USB, Wi-Fi
Dimensions (BxTxD) 337mm (W) x 188mm (D) x 173mm (H)
OS Supported Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, Mac OS X 10.11.x/10.10.x/10.9.x/10.8.x/10.7.5
Stencil tape 3 widths (18, 24 and 36 mm)
Image type suported DIB, GIF, ICO, JPG, PNG, TIFF, WMF
Label orientation Horizontal, Vertical
Text alignment Centre, Justified, Left, Right
Type styles Bold, Invert, Italic, Normal, Shadow, Shadow light, Surround
Fonts 14 (on the device) + all integrated in the PC TrueType fonts
Memory locations 99
USB interface USB 2.0, 3.0 Full Speed (Windows), USB 2.0 Full Speed (Mac)

Please contact us for more information or sample stencils.