Pin Mark / Scribe Controllers

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Value and flexibility…

The UMC box needle embosser control system is basically a UMC Eco without its own on-board intelligence. It is equipped with the same motor control cards as the UMC Eco.

Using your own PC or your notebook, you can use the UMC box to control our PinMark™ and MagicPin needle embossers. This way, you only obtain the most necessary features required for the optimum use of our needle embossers.
You can derive the technical prerequisites for your computer in the technical data table provided below.
Attention! – No savings at the expense of quality were made with the UMC box. We also manufacture this high-quality device in Germany.

Technical Data – UMC Box
CPU External PC / not included
Requirement USB or Interface RS232, Windows 2000 or XP, 1GHz, 512 MB RAM, 1024 x 768 resolution
Motor control 2 axes for 2-phase stepping motors
Output 8 digital, 24V =
Input 8 digital, 24V =
Software Pinware 4 for Windows
B X D x H 310 x 176 x 75 mm
Keyboard Integrated keypad or external keyboard (PC)
Interfaces RS232/RS485: Communication protocol, 24V I/O: Start, e-stop

UMC Eco control unit – now with a large high resolution color display


The controller UMC eco is used to control all our dot peen and Scribe heads in the PinMark – series.

With this device, all kinds of marking data can be sent to the head.

This marking data includes, for example:

  • 2D codes (Datamatrix)
  • Serial numbers
  • Corporate logos and other graphics
  • All other kinds of product data

Various communication interfaces make it possible to send the information to the controller. Variable data such as date, time, batch number, material composition, etc. are automatically controlled according to predefined criteria. In addition, it is possible to manipulate input data using the integrated scripting interface.

Technical Data – UMC Eco
CPU OSTLING PC control, 400 MHz, 128 MB RAM, serial interface, USB, Ethernet
Memory CompactFlash 256 MB, optional hard drive
Motor control 2 axis motor control for bipolar control of 2-phase stepper motors
Output 8 digital outputs for standard signals, optically isolated, 24 V Total current on built-in power supply max. 0.5 A
Input 8 digital inputs for standard signals, galvanically isolated
Software Embedded Linux
B X D x H 310 x 300 x 170 mm (without handles, plugs and cables)
Keyboard Integrated membrane keyboard or external keyboard
Interfaces RS232/RS485: Communication protocol, 24V I/O: Start, e-stop

UMC 112 control unit

dotpeen controller
The UMC 112 control serves to control all needle embossers and scribers of the PinMark™ series.
This controller sends all marking data to the marking head. This marking data contains, for example:
  • 2D codes (Data Matrix™)
  • Serial numbers
  • Company logos and other graphics
  • All other conceivable product data…
Modifiable data, such as date, time, batch number, material composition, etc. is automatically generated by the control system according to previously established criteria.
Various interfaces make it possible to send the corresponding information to the control system in advance. By using a barcode scanner, for example, employee and extensive material information can be scanned in and later embossed onto the product as a compact 2D code. (This is merely one of many examples…)
The UMC 112 can control up to two marking heads simultaneously. Besides the marking data, the positions of the marking heads are also adapted to the product via the control. This means that, in addition to moving the needle in the X and Y direction, additional rotation axes, automatic vertical axes (Z-axes), indexing tables, type plate magazines, etc. can also be activated.
Advantages of using the Embedded Linux operating system:
  • Microsoft Windows™ licensing costs do not apply
  • User-friendly Windows user interface
  • Special solutions for special requirements are easier to realise
  • Stability in industrial routine