ID plate marking station TM 100

Load – mark automatically – eject – done

The PinMark™ TM 100 was developed due to customer demand for high quality, automated, fast metal marking. Because of its modular design it can be easily and quickly adjusted to your needs and is simple to use.

  • Compact design
  • Simple operation
  • Fast and easy adjustment to different sizes of ID plates
  • Large capacity plate storage
  • Modular design allows for different Marking systems
  • Flexible

Continuous marking, in full or semi-automatic mode, is assured due to the lightweight yet mechanically robust construction of the TM 100.

Mode of Operation
The storage rack is first stocked manually. After pressing the START button – in Automatic mode – the blank ID plates are moved from the Storage to the Marking unit on the transport slide.  Here they are fixed, marked and then ejected.
An optional Stacker (working on the FIFO principle) would be the logical addition here. The Systems operates self-controlled until either the storage unit is empty or a preset number of ID plates was marked. For trouble-free operation, the blank ID plates should be de-burred.

TM100 ID Plate Marking Station

TM 100 (shown here with device 5/10)

Technical Data: TM 100
D x B x H
600 x 580 x 300 mm
24 Kg (including PinMark 5/10 and Z-Axis)
Load size
300 mm
Cycle time
depending on marking parameters
ID-plate size
Min. 32 x 30 mm / max. 100 x 100 mm
Size adjustment
stacking mode
Power supply
100-230 V / 50/60 Hz

Sample of marked ID plate

Sample of marked ID plate