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Typical Application Areas

  • Tools
  • Ball Bearings
  • Metal parts for the automotive or aviation industries
  • Plastic products and components for household products
  • High precision micro-encoding of medical instruments
  • Decorative markings on promotional items and brand name products

Laser Marking Equipment, Machines and Systems from OSTLING Marking Systems

Using a highly precise laser beam, a permanent mark is applied to a wide range of materials including many different plastics and metals. With the included operating software, XS Designer, there are no limits to your creative ideas. Our laser marking systems are also exceptionally suitable for automated marking such as consecutive serial numbers, 2D codes (Data Matrix™), etc.

Laser marking covers a wide range of techniques of surface treatment: laser engraving, material removal, branding, material discolouration (tempering colouration, colour change) and foams. OSTLING laser marking systems are of the highest quality whilst being extremely compact and flexible.

Through a high-precision laser beam a permanent mark is created on various materials such as metal and plastic.

With the accompanying XS Designer software your labeling needs are met, with a user interface that is easy to use and provides great flexibility. Our laser marking systems are ideally suited for automated labels such as sequential serial numbers, 2D codes (Datamatrix), etc.

Ostling Etchmark Ltd supply industrial part marking equipment and marking machines for permanent direct part marking and tamper proof product identification

Whenever permanent product marking and identification are involved, you are at the right place.

Customer Satisfaction

Even before the start of your project, we provide you with all the information and assistance you might need to make your decision.
We do not merely see ourselves as a supplier, but also as your partner to help you achieve the best solution for your marking and labelling tasks.

Your special demands take us another step forward each time!

For us, the “hot phase” is the project start. In this phase, our experienced team does everything in its power to not only meet requirements but to ultimately exceed them. We always perform a quick plausibility check. For example, if you accidentally ordered the wrong replacement part, we will contact you immediately. This helps to prevent unwanted problems right from the start.

Even after the purchase we won’t leave you standing in the rain. Our service team will continue to assist you. Our internal research and development department ensures that unanticipated problems quickly turn into solutions.

Please read a selection of our customer testimonials below…

Richard Pinch, Richards Tattoo Studio

“Having dealt with Ostling Etchmark for many years as a chemical etching customer they were my natural choice when I made the decision to move over to laser marking, having checked alternative suppliers I preferred the Ostling system due to the high quality and competitive pricing.

I have always received a very high level of support from the team at Ostling who have been very happy to help me.

Phone support is always there when you need it with someone able to quickly answer your questions.

The XS30 diode pumped laser itself was selected as I wanted a very deep mark in the surface of my parts to offer my customers the quality feel they expect from my machined items, this equipment really does produce the best quality dark mark compared to other examples I have seen.”

Jim Renfrew, Roplan Ltd

“Quality of service is excellent. Products are also always great quality and we recognise that, for our many sizes and different detail requirements, Ostling’s chemical etching system is an ideal solution for our needs. Ostling products add impact to the parts we supply and ensure our customers’ business remains as secure as original equipment manufacturers.”

Andrew Cannell, ITP Engines Ltd

“Ostling Etchmark Ltd have been an excellent supplier of equipment & consumables for our Etchmarking process.
The Service that we receive from Ostling is outstanding both in Quality and Delivery even at short notice which is one of the reasons Ostling Etchmark were chosen as a supplier for ITP-UK Ltd.
To summarize, the quality of products, communication and delivery have been exceptional in making a stable manufacturing process.”

Sales Manager, Timesco Surgical Ltd

“We have been supporting medical professionals with our innovative and exceptional products and service for over 50 years.
Ostling Etchmark Ltd has proven to be an exceptional supplier of etches. They deliver a friendly and efficient service, providing the reliability that we require to enable us to work as effectively as possible. We would not hesitate to recommend the services of Ostling Etchmark Ltd.”

Ian McMillan, Syspal Ltd

“Ostling Etchmark have been supplying Syspal high quality Stencils for many years.

Due to the nature of our business, lead times to our customers can be extremely tight and therefore lead times from suppliers also require quick and accurate responses.

Ostling Etchmark have always responded rapidly and efficiently to our requirements and we have had zero rejects.

We look forward to continuing our relationship for many years.”

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