Project: To assist with the design, manufacture and installation of a laser marking system to laser etch biometric implants for major worldwide component manufacturer.

We worked closely with our customer to establish the optimum system for their various materials and sizes of parts to ensure that the configuration was perfectly tailored to their needs.

A LaseBox automated system was established as the ideal solution for this project, the laser being fitted with a small field lens to provide the highest quality mark with a spot size of approx 0.05mm. The customer needed to mark datamatrix and human readable data onto very small surfaces, usually in batches of less than 5 off, so a simple fixture bed was supplied to provide quick and easy adjustment from one part to another.

In addition, the LaseBox is equipped with a programmable z-axis so that the working height of the marking surface of the part can be saved into the project file. This means that when the project is re-loaded into the software, the laser will automatically adjust to the correct position to dramatically increase workflow and productivity.