Laser Engraving Machines

Laser Engraving

Using a very acurate laser beam, a high quality engraving is made on a wide range of materials including most different metals and plastics. With our very user friendly software, XS Designer, your ideas and designs can be realised. Our laser engraving systems are highly suited to automated engraving such as serial numbering, 2D codes (Data Matrix™), etc.

Laser etching covers a wide range of techniques of surface treatment: laser engraving, removal of material, colour change and surface foaming.

OSTLING laser engraving systems are of extremely high quality while also being very flexible and compact.

Application Areas for Laser Engraving

  • Tooling
  • Bearings
  • Metal components for automotive or aerospace industry
  • Plastic parts for household products
  • High precision micro-engraving for surgical instruments
  • Decorative engraving on promo items and company logos

The following engraving types are possible with OSTLING marking lasers:

  • Laser Engraving:

A groove is engraved into a component with the laser beam. The material vaporizes or melts during this process. The marking depth can be up to 50 µm.

  • Material abrasion:

This is a special form of engraving. In the case of aluminium, an anodised coating, for example, can be removed in order to reveal the contrasting colour layer below.

  • Annealing colours:

Here the heat of the laser beam and the oxygen change in the atmosphere alter the colour of the metal surface. There is no significant material abrasion. The laser beam penetrates at a maximum 5 µm into the metal.

  • Colour changes:

Marking by changing the colour can be performed with most plastics and some lacquered/painted finished. Special additives ensure a high contrast colour change at the place where the laser beam makes contact.

  • Foaming:

Caused by the heat of the laser beam, the plastic is thermally broken down at the laser beam’s point of impact. This results in gas decomposition and causes the plastic to foam.

Strengths of the OSTLING laser engraving machines:

  • Great flexible and high quality
  • Very long service life of the laser diode
  • No cooling system required
  • Compact, light & strong construction
  • User-friendly Windows based operating program
  • OEM models and complete off the shelf models are available
  • Fully adaptable to your needs due to our mechanical engineering department


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