Project: To supply a semi automatic chemical etching machine to mark various stainless steel surgical instruments fitted with quick change fixture system for a range of items for a world leading manufacturer.

The customer required a fast, efficient and economical marking system to permanently etch logo and part number data onto their wide range of surgical instruments. A Modulmat EU300 classic was supplied, together with a range of fixtures to suit the manufacturer’s parts to enable fast change over from one production run to another.

The marking process is controlled via a footswitch, the operator simply needs to locate the part on the fixture, press the footswitch and the machine handles the rest of the procedure. The marking head is controlled pneumatically and descends for a pre-set time and pressure once the footswitch is pressed, a current is then passed through the stencil to create a mark on the surface.

In addition, the marking time, electrolyte flow, and voltage are all handled automatically providing optimum results every time. A typical marking cycle time is only around 1.5 seconds and due to the fact that our stainless steel electrolytes generally require no neutralisation, the whole process from loading through marking and wiping the residue electrolyte from the surface of the part can be achieved extremely quickly.